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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in 2023

Are you wondering How to plan an Outdoor wedding? Well don’t worry in this article we will demonstrate how to have a successful outdoor wedding. Weddings are a magical and memorable experience for everyone, a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement to anxiousness.

It is the most delightful and important milestone in your life, a once-in-a-lifetime event where a boy becomes a man and a young girl becomes a woman. To make this beautiful memory last forever you must plan your wedding accordingly.

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How To Have A Fantastic Wedding Planning in Pune With Low Cost

Best Wedding Planning in Pune

Most Trusted Wedding Organizers In Pune

Resources Groups is a specialist wedding planners in Pune dedicated toward creating breathtaking events throughout India. A wedding is a fantastic time of affection, feeling furthermore, especially , a celebration for you, your partner plus for all of your guests through enjoy. Your marriage celebration may be a joyous occasion. One-day you getup & substitute front of your favorite people in world also declare that “ I select you”. This moment deserves to be memorable and excellent . Having wedding organizers or professional on the coordinator can sometimes be the simplest wedlock gift. Even smallest most relaxed “feet within the sand” weddings are often overwhelming moreover take hours & hours of research also as planning. After function is completed , you’ll be husband and wife for all times , but bride – Groom you simply get into be for a couple of hours so we would like to form sure you’re relaxed, glowing & enjoying every second.

Most Loyal & Recommended Wedding Organizers In Pune

Resources Groups in Pune supervise all about beauty, elegance, honesty, and fun and that we bring a touch of of these elements into every Event organizers plan also as style. Combining creative flair organizers with a meticulous eye for detail, we’ll seamlessly execute your big day from our first meeting into final farewell! Award-Winning Wedding Organizers in Pune, India. Resources Groups may be a local & international team of wedding organizers in Pune, also planners, coordinators, along side stylists with a base also as contact spots throughout India. We produce excellent also personalized wedlock combinations which can create your dream marriage into reality be in peoples recollection for years via come .

Wedding Events – All in One Company

Planning could also be nerve-wracking, especially oversea weddings. Let our organizers deduct all that stress of designing your perfect day so you’ll cherish every moment. Sit back and relax – you’re in smart hands! Wedding organizers in Pune are very hooked in to every detail of your magical marriage. it’s our mission toward mold, and form your vision so as that your marriage reflects you as a few , without those stress of designing it yourself. Whether it’s an intimate party for 20 guests or a lavish sit-down dinner for 450 people, organizers will make sure that your event runs seamlessly while reflecting this style & elegance of individual couple. During some initial consultation, Wedding organizers in Pune will carefully listen your desires also dreams then continue design an exquisite beyond expectations of every couple including their guests.

Professional Wedding Organizers In Pune

With the proper advice, expert knowledge along side experience, your Resources Groups – Wedding organizers can guide you via those important decisions, offer professional moreover measured opinions. you simply get to marry once, but organizers have done it all before, many several times. we all know in’s & outs, penny savers can also recommend best suited plus talented service providers therein industry moreover coach you thru every step. Making some decision toward engage organizers in Pune be involved in your big day can prevent in additional ways than one… we will save your sanity, your stress including these most priceless of all being time.

On The Marriage-Day Coordinator

Wedding Planning in Pune

There are loads to believe smooth marriage – as a bride, you cannot be in two places directly moreover things may happen that you simply can’t control or anticipate. Together with your dedicated organizers available , we’ll ensure every detail you’ve got tirelessly planned is executed flawlessly. Your wedding organizers in Pune or coordinator are going to be that one point of contact to oversee moreover direct proceedings, confirm everything is about up also runs as planned – this suggests you do not believe friends or relations for step in as party organizers or decorators. we’ll be your arms, legs, including eyes doing all belongings you wish you’ll but simply can’t as today you’ve got been this last to arrive! we will suggest affordable alternatives plus options from our experience, negotiate you using industry contacts & passing on relevant discounts.

Full Wedlock Organizers In Pune

Full Wedding organizers in Pune may be a very exclusive team. we will provide you with some exclusive plus detailed service provided by this package. Be a part of this exclusive Society also allow Wedding organizers to make a gorgeous marriage for you moreover your fiance from concept to completion. Wedding organizers will lookout of every detail also will provide you with access to their exclusive supplier portfolio made up leading wedding organizers. As a Client of Wedding organizers in Pune, you’ll have access to exclusive upgrades including discounts from these luxury suppliers.

Event available Styling is ideal for couples who would really like us to style their luxury marriage for them also coordinate their marriage. This mix is meant for couples who have already booked their venue also as few other suppliers but need some organizers help to bring everything together.

Marriage Flower Bouquets Arrangements

When it involves organizing bouquet flowers, Resources Groups – Wedding planner in Pune, India works with best within the industry – nothing is just too complicated or too difficult. It’s all regarding the details: recent, innovative, simple or sophisticated. It’s all about guaranteeing to captivate, impress, excite also amaze your guests. Flowers will take that shell of a venue plus rework it into “another world”. For us – brides & grooms, flowers are a chance to actually put their “fingerprint” on their style showcase their individuality. Also, you’ll wish to capture season similarly as vogue and an overall atmosphere of the wedding .

The contemporary style utilizes modern elements with white, minimalistic backgrounds including bold greens to realize striking looks. Sculpting flowers, streamlined furniture, fine bone, moreover crystal compile that desired look.

Wedding Event Theme Colours

A color-themed may be a popular plus easy thanks to plan the design also as a pity your wedlock celebration. It’s easy to use color for organizers in Pune as your start line in creating a method that’s carried through from your invitations to your bridesmaids throughout to your tablecloths, napkin accents, florals, centerpieces, plus cake. it’s important to think about carrying a color theme through finer details also in order that every aspect has been thought out moreover be appreciated by you including your guests. Some descriptions of color themes organizers planned to follow.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Decoration

Organizers presenting style proposals for ceremony & reception decoration supported the style that you simply simply like (including florals, bride cake, arch hire, prop hire, linen hire, furniture hire, cutlery & crockery hire, set up, marquee found out , lighting, custom floor & vinyl, computer graphics , etc.) Wedding organizers can assist you with a commitment to offering support, efficiency, & honest professionalism.

Tech savvy event

4 Tech-Savvy Ways To Modernize Your Events & Exhibition

Modernize Your Events & Exhibition

Sending out bulk emails and asking your social media followers to share your ‘Event Invitation’ post is yesterday’s thing. If your company is planning international conferences or elite exhibitions, you’ll need to continue with the technological advances that cater to smartly gathering more sophisticated invitees. The more tech-savvy your marketing tricks are, the more impact it creates within the minds of today’s media-savvy crowd.

If your company is up for a touch more investment in utilizing modern-day techs, here are a number of the advanced tactics which will assist you lift your event management to a subsequent level:

Analyzing Online Trends to make A Brand:

All social media platforms can assist you to analyze what sort of brand presentations and campaigns can attract more viewers.

Your initiative is to review the event campaigns and upcoming brands of your field that have succeeded in creating influence and sizable online audiences within the recent past.

You can create campaigns that are more enticing and interactive such people would have good reasons and benefits to speak with you for further details.

Digital Invites And Targeting the proper Audience:

Digital invitations aren’t new; however, the choices to send digital invites have evolved tons.

Triggering public excitement and generating PR should be the prime focus of your invitations. And to try to do it the proper way, specialize in two factors:

Precise Targeting:

All social media platforms today provide excellent demographic and in-trend information which may assist you in revamping your marketing strategies consistent with your audience’s needs.

Also, these platforms assist you to target selective audiences who fall into a specified set of attributes like gender, age, location, qualification, profession, interests, events visited in the past, etc.

All-platform Marketing:

With the right information, you’ll run your event campaigns across all platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. alongside multiple event promotion apps available online.

Measuring Traffic Diversity:

Typically, you’d specialize in analyzing the traffic of your past events to estimate your current crowd size and blueprint your sub-events accordingly.

However, if you employ devices like ‘smart mats’ and ‘people counting cameras’, you’ll precisely analyze the footfall and its diversity across every booth and sub-event within the arena.

This level of detailed data can assist you to modify various aspects of the event every day and help your invitees get precisely what they need more quickly in future events too.

World Wide Broadcasts:

The same social media platforms now allow you to broadcast your event live across the planet for free! Then why not utilize it?

Hire a team or ask your subordinates to post live feeds from the event you know the planet knows what they’re missing.

The bigger the event, the greater the effort. You’ll always need an expert’s advice on the way to best use the newest technology to profit your events. And if you ever feel the necessity to consult an honest event management company in Pune, then Resources Groups is one of the highest options you’ll ever find besides being one of the foremost regarded event managers for weddings in Pune, the creative experts at Resources Groups also specialize in providing out-of-the-box themes and concepts for large-scale corporate event planning in Pune and around the city. Visit the Resources Groups website to look at a number of their best corporate works.

For More Information:- Visit Resources Event & Promotions


How to Hire an Corporate Event Planner

How to Hire an Corporate Event Planner. Whether you’re planning a product launch, a team-building event, or a holiday party, it’s crucial to ensure your event is the absolute best it can be. Sure, you can plan it yourself, but it may be a more challenging process than you might realize. Why not save yourself the time, energy, and stress, all the while ensuring that your event is a success that stays within budget? For these reasons, many will choose to hand the task off to a professional and hire an event planner. If you’re in that camp, it’s important to select the right person for the job. Luckily, our guide is here to walk you through hiring an event planner from start to finish.

Consider Resources Groups Concierge team

One of the ways to make this process the easiest and most foolproof it can be is to use the Resources Groups skilled Concierge team. Resources Groups is an extensive marketplace for venues, offering thousands of options across dozens of cities. It’s easy to use for selecting the perfect event space, whether you’re planning a serious brainstorming session or a fun and lively party.

The fact that Resources Groups has a Concierge team to help you with the whole bevy of event planning tasks — such as figuring out catering, A/V rentals, furniture, and so forth — is an added bonus. Particularly helpful, too, is the fact that they have a hand-selected list of all the best, most reliable vendors that are experienced. So, if you don’t want to hire an event planner, working with the Concierge team ensures that you can bypass tons of small logistical coordination tasks that can add up to a huge amount of stress, all while you can retain quite a bit of direct control and involvement in the event planning process.

Establish your goals for the event

The first step to hire an event planner is determining what kind of event you’re looking to have planned. That’s because different event planners have their own particular areas of expertise. You should know what your budget will be, what the aim of the event is, and its intended audience, for starters.

Having at least the beginnings of a clear vision for what you want will make an enormous difference in how specific your search can be. Rather than wading through all the event planners in your area, you can focus on those who have a portfolio of events similar to what you have in mind. Of course, without having hired the event planner, it’s unlikely that you’ll have an extremely specific vision, but that’s fine. To start, just develop a general sense of what it will be.

Locate potential event planners

Sure, you can rely on referrals and informal recommendations from friends. Sometimes this is advantageous, but you might be better off taking a broader look at who’s available and getting a sense of their reputation (particularly within the industry itself, as other event planners will likely be the best judge) and credentials more generally.

One great resource for finding skillful event planners in your area is through professional event planning organizations, such as:

  • International Live Events Association
  • Event Service Professionals Association
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • National Association of Catering Executives

Depending on where you’re located, these organizations might even have a local chapter that you can connect with for more in-depth guidance.

Additionally, there are lots of websites that allow you to search for event planners in your area. A search on Yelp can also help you find event planners, with plenty of reviews to give you a clear sense of the quality of their work.

Locally, resources will, of course, vary tremendously. But for starters, you can reach out to organizations like your city or town’s chamber of commerce, as well as the local CVB (convention and visitors bureau). These kinds of organizations will likely have insights into which local event planners are well-known for doing good work. Do some research into the business organizations in your area — it’s worth contacting any that look at all promising.

Choose a candidate

Here’s the most exciting point in the process: when you actually hire an event planner! You’ll have to interview the best candidates first, of course. And, if you’re being extra methodical, you’ll do several rounds of interviews. In the first set of interviews, start off by telling applicants just a bit about what you have in mind, and then give them plenty of time to discuss their background and experience.

Once you’ve done this set of interviews, review your notes (yes, you should be taking notes!) and decide on a few applicants for the second round of interviews — perhaps two to four people. These should be more detailed, particularly involving questions about past event planning successes (and even failures).

Look for candidates who ask strong, specific questions, helping to guide the conversation based on their own experience and knowledge — this is a great indicator of expertise. With all this info gathered, don’t forget to reach out to references before you make a final decision.

Iron out the details

Once you’ve chosen someone, you should be sure to agree upon payment at the very beginning. Before you move forward with anything, this should be crystal clear for both parties. Additionally, work with your event planner to agree on a detailed budget.

Once all these steps are done, it’s crucial to maintain strong communication. You should be reaching out to the event planner on a regular basis (preferably an agreed-upon regularity, such as a few times a week or whatever works best for both of you). This way, if any issues arise, you can work together to address them before they become complicated.

media buyers

Media Buying & Execution for Brand Launch and Awareness

Media Buying & Execution

As a market leader, Resources Events & Promotions offers comprehensive online and outdoor marketing services. When it comes to our Media services, at the number one marketing company, we cover the range of strategic planning as per our clients’ requirement, well-negotiated media buying, and analytics oriented execution across entire digital media on both the mobile and the desktop. We include media buying on Facebook too. With a long experience in the industry, we have good media approach that goes beyond simply buying traffic for your online presence.  Our Media planning and buying services ensure maximum actual conversions for you to achieve deeper business objectives.

Cross-media marketing on different platforms is one of the most effective tools which any successful company use in the weapon store. The advancement and integration of the web technology into this cross-media marketing is now well considered to be sound amalgam. When you need to take your business messages and brand propositions to your target audiences across the country or beyond the boundaries, our online media planning, online media buying and execution services will make sure that you will develop a strong and popular online presence.

media buying consultant

As a leading media buying agency, Resources Events & Promotions helps its valuable clients get the top ad spaces at the best charges.  The agency is committed to help you make the best use of the ad spaces.

Why choose us?

  • We have a team of experts.
  • We are committed for quality and standard.
  • Result oriented Media Buying & Execution services.
  • We utilize current technology by to develop and track your online marketing activities.
  • Professionals use Planning Index that is based upon reach, engagement, stickiness, time spent, and frequency.
  • Our efforts include ROI parameters.
  • We offer comprehensive Campaign Planning and execution.

To create effective online marketing campaigns that achieve desired success and sustain themselves, Resources Events & Promotions identifies your target audience and then develops marketing campaign objectives. We plan the best route to reach great achievements. Our effective planning tools provide you vibrant information and research that help us to build your media buying and media planning strategies.

BTL activities

BTL Promotion for Brand Activation and Product Launches

BTL Promotion for Brand Launches

BTL stands for below the line, and in terms of marketing, BTL events or activities become immediate force to connect with the audiences. Yes, BTL marketing or events activities are a talented and cost-effective means that focus on a target audience and particular gathering. Businesses or organizations or individuals can avail the BTL activities services for branding or marketing perspective. BTL marketing utilizes less routine strategies than the ATL channels of publicizing. It normally concentrates on direct ways for correspondence like ordinarily direct mail and e-mails.

Resources Events & Promotions is one of the best marketing companies that take great care for the finest and effective BTL activities ideas to provide great benefits for its clients. At Resources Events & Promotions, we perform and manage creative BTL activities including Road Shows, Mall Promotions, Brand Activation, RWA Activities, Product launch, Sales promotion, Dealer meets, Communication meets, etc.

We understand that BTL activities are a typical method that is generally utilized for “touch and feel” products, where users or buyer can have a direct engagement with the organization. Innovative BTL events or activities become review of the brand while highlighting the components of the item.

Resources Events & Promotions is a well-known market leader for providing business or companies with complete solutions for BTL events or activities in India. The dedicated professionals can convert your ideas and concepts into the reality. We bring our clients the best-in class solutions for BTL events or promotions. We make our best efforts to offer innovative BTL activities ideas. The complete solutions we provide can give you a stress-free experience during your BTL promotional events.

As one of the best event management companies in India, we specialize in extending following services to brands:

  • Road shows
  • RWA activities
  • Brand promotion in schools
  • Brand promotion in colleges / Brand promotion in universities
  • Brand promotion in malls
  • Experiential marketing
  • Mystery shopping
  • In-shop activation / showroom activities / showroom display / showroom decor / retail merchandising
  • Home-to-home marketing
  • Rural activation / Rural marketing
  • Corporate contact programs
  • Mobile vans with LED screens for brand campaigns / political campaigns

Resources Events & Promotions specializes in executing events on a turnkey basis. What makes us one of the top event management companies for brand promotion and BTL activities is the fact that we rely least on external vendors and have an exhaustive inventory in-house. Be it photography and video production, security, sound & light equipment, display screens or fabrication, we have dedicated personnel, warehouse, workshop and transport vehicles. We also have a national and international partner network that enables us to execute brand promotion and BTL activities anywhere in India.

Acadmic event organizer

Academic Events with The Resources and Groups Event Company

Combining strategy, design, creativity, and robust logistics is a winning recipe to enable The Resources and Groups Event Company to help deliver effective messaging for institutions across the globe. We develop compelling campaigns to engage your donors, students, alumni, parents, prospects, trustees and university leadership to support your delivery of programs and bring an effective return on investment.

Our proven track record in delivering award-winning academic programs, both nationally and internationally, make us one of the leading experiential educational event designers. We have been designated a Top 10 Local Event Company by Special Events magazine for the past three years and have won multiple awards for our academic programs in Northern India.

Let us bring our expertise to your programs to effectively achieve your development and branding objectives.


  • Campaign strategy and delivery
  • Campaign kickoffs & closings
  • Academic conferences
  • President road shows
  • Alumni road shows
  • Donor relations strategy & events
  • Celebrations
  • Commencements
  • Homecomings
  • Ceremonies
  • Leadership conferences
  • International programs


  • Strategy development
  • Creative concepts
  • A/V and stage set design
  • Branding
  • Content creation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboards
  • Collateral creation
  • Exhibits
  • Apps and technology solutions

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event company

Why Choose Resources Events & Promotions?

Resources Events & Promotions

When it comes to organizing your wedding things might get a little out of hand. Whether you have a year left for your wedding or just a few months, a wedding organizer will help you clear your perspective of what you require. A few advantages of keeping a wedding organizer in the loop are as under:

– They will help you keep your plan on track.

– Your wedding budget will remain under supervision.

– When you have a organizer who knows what they’re doing, you can save on a number of assets.

– They help you keep things stress-free.

As top wedding organizer in Chandigarh, at Resources Events & Promotions, we understand how important your wedding is for you. Keeping this in mind, we plan to make it the most memorable day of your life.

We are a team of devoted and creative people who are ready to give you the wedding which you have only thought of in your dreams. With our efforts and experience, we provide value to your money and time. Translating your dreams into reality is our specialty, and there is nothing that can stop us from bringing your ideas to life. From conceptualizing the designs to booking and managing vendors and turning an abstract idea into a reflection of your personality, we are a pro!

Starting from the first meeting to your reception we are set to stick with you like glue! Your plans will be executed with the help of our team to make everything run without any stress or confusion.

Our package includes:

– Hotel bookings.

– Travel and logistics.

– The couple’s attire for each function.

– Selecting the location.

– Menu assortment and catering.

– Pre-wedding and wedding shoots.

– DJs

– Decoration and guest management.

– Venue Management.

– Honeymoon planning

Whether you want a big fat Indian wedding or a simple wedding with all your near and dear ones right by your side, we have everything covered for you! As one of the best event management and planner in Chandigarh, you need to keep all your worries aside and dive into the world of possibilities at Resources Events & Promotions!

wedding planner in Chandigarh

Vintage Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Weddings are a memorable and enchanting experience for everyone. The Vintage outdoor weddings’ view and landscapes may leave a person awestruck but it comes with a catch. Follow these tips by top wedding planners in Chandigarh for a comfortable and hassle free outdoor wedding.


The foremost factor that effects your decision of an vintage outdoor wedding is the weather at the time of your marriage. Along with weather, the time of the day for your wedding ceremony also plays a very pivotal role. The type of wedding venue, whether it is going to be a beach or a city park depends entirely on weather and time.

Decoration and Theme
For an outdoor wedding during the day time, subtle and pastel color decoration is going to compliment the atmosphere. On the other hand, if it is during the night, the venue might require bright colors and more lighting.

Attire and Footwear of the Bride and Groom
If the wedding is scheduled in a hot and humid climate, the couple should opt for lighter shades and fabric to keep them cool and comfortable. A bride should avoid wearing heels if it is going to a beach or city park venue.

Useful Equipment’s
The equipment required for an outdoor wedding is more than it is required in case of indoor weddings. Vintage outdoor weddings require generator, more sound and lighting as compared to indoor weddings.

Back Up for Outdoor Marriage
You need to arrange for a backup plan in case the weather changes. The weather might change to rainy or wind within a blink of an eye. To avoid last minute hustle, book an indoor venue nearby, so that you can shift it at the last moment too.

These tips can come handy to you while you are planning an outdoor fairytale wedding We providing the top wedding decor, make sure that you keep it pocket friendly and in budget. You surely won’t love spending a fortune for an outdoor wedding and let rain or wind spoil all the fun.


Why Colours are Important in an Event?

Importance Of Colours In An Event

Colours are known to have a psychological effect on people. People relate to colours as it often taps into old memories as well as creates newer ones. While crafting events colours too play a crucial role since it helps create an atmosphere and when combined with the event-perfect decor, lighting, sound and overall ambience – it creates a stellar event setup on the whole. Usage of colours is an extremely powerful tool in event design and it can make or break your event experience. Every colour you choose says a lot about the message you’re giving out and the vibe, the story that you want your audience to pick up.

The first thing you need to think about when you’re picking colours for your event is the theme of the event. Usually, for corporate-style events, their brand guidelines are extremely important. You start putting colours based on the primary tones of the brand. As per colour psychology too, when you use colours that match your brand it results in good brand recall.

For example, think Dettol, think green or think of Pepsi and blue. Colour associations in our brain happen with memories. And it is this power that you need to harness when planning an event.

If your event is a wine & dine event then the most definite option will be to put up a classy and formal-style event decor setup. So, rich, dark colours with metallic accents will bring out the mood. Similarly, if your event is a daytime event and theatrics are a big part of it, you can go with bright colours. Everything depends entirely on the theme of the event. So, your first step will be to understand the theme fully and see how you can incorporate the brand’s true colours alongside the hues best suited to your theme.

Draw out a colour and mood board whilst planning your event decor. It will give you an accurate view of the setup and the mood. Each colour has a different meaning and emotion attached to it which you should be fully aware of when planning an event.

For instance, red is associated with aggression, anger in some cultures and in others it is the colour of love, passion and strength. So, remember your theme, your audience and understand their thoughts, beliefs before you choose the colours out.

If you have a high energy event, don’t use calming colours like greens or ocean blues.

Colours create an atmosphere so ensure you understand the mood and setting of the event so all these different elements complement each other.