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Media Buying & Execution for Brand Launch and Awareness

As a market leader, Resources Events & Promotions offers comprehensive online and outdoor marketing services. When it comes to our Media services, at the number one marketing company, we cover the range of strategic planning as per our clients’ requirement, well-negotiated media buying, and analytics oriented execution across entire digital media on both the mobile and the desktop. We include media buying on Facebook too. With a long experience in the industry, we have good media approach that goes beyond simply buying traffic for your online presence.  Our Media planning and buying services ensure maximum actual conversions for you to achieve deeper business objectives.

Cross-media marketing on different platforms is one of the most effective tools which any successful company use in the weapon store. The advancement and integration of the web technology into this cross-media marketing is now well considered to be sound amalgam. When you need to take your business messages and brand propositions to your target audiences across the country or beyond the boundaries, our online media planning, online media buying and execution services will make sure that you will develop a strong and popular online presence.

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As a leading media buying agency, Resources Events & Promotions helps its valuable clients get the top ad spaces at the best charges.  The agency is committed to help you make the best use of the ad spaces.

Why choose us?

  • We have a team of experts.
  • We are committed for quality and standard.
  • Result oriented Media Buying & Execution services.
  • We utilize current technology by to develop and track your online marketing activities.
  • Professionals use Planning Index that is based upon reach, engagement, stickiness, time spent, and frequency.
  • Our efforts include ROI parameters.
  • We offer comprehensive Campaign Planning and execution.

To create effective online marketing campaigns that achieve desired success and sustain themselves, Resources Events & Promotions identifies your target audience and then develops marketing campaign objectives. We plan the best route to reach great achievements. Our effective planning tools provide you vibrant information and research that help us to build your media buying and media planning strategies.

BTL activities

BTL Promotion for Brand Activation and Product Launches

BTL stands for below the line, and in terms of marketing, BTL events or activities become immediate force to connect with the audiences. Yes, BTL marketing or events activities are a talented and cost-effective means that focus on a target audience and particular gathering. Businesses or organizations or individuals can avail the BTL activities services for branding or marketing perspective. BTL marketing utilizes less routine strategies than the ATL channels of publicizing. It normally concentrates on direct ways for correspondence like ordinarily direct mail and e-mails.

Resources Events & Promotions is one of the best marketing companies that take great care for the finest and effective BTL activities ideas to provide great benefits for its clients. At Resources Events & Promotions, we perform and manage creative BTL activities including Road Shows, Mall Promotions, Brand Activation, RWA Activities, Product launch, Sales promotion, Dealer meets, Communication meets, etc.

We understand that BTL activities are a typical method that is generally utilized for “touch and feel” products, where users or buyer can have a direct engagement with the organization. Innovative BTL events or activities become review of the brand while highlighting the components of the item.

Resources Events & Promotions is a well-known market leader for providing business or companies with complete solutions for BTL events or activities in India. The dedicated professionals can convert your ideas and concepts into the reality. We bring our clients the best-in class solutions for BTL events or promotions. We make our best efforts to offer innovative BTL activities ideas. The complete solutions we provide can give you a stress-free experience during your BTL promotional events.

As one of the best event management companies in India, we specialize in extending following services to brands:

  • Road shows
  • RWA activities
  • Brand promotion in schools
  • Brand promotion in colleges / Brand promotion in universities
  • Brand promotion in malls
  • Experiential marketing
  • Mystery shopping
  • In-shop activation / showroom activities / showroom display / showroom decor / retail merchandising
  • Home-to-home marketing
  • Rural activation / Rural marketing
  • Corporate contact programs
  • Mobile vans with LED screens for brand campaigns / political campaigns

Resources Events & Promotions specializes in executing events on a turnkey basis. What makes us one of the top event management companies for brand promotion and BTL activities is the fact that we rely least on external vendors and have an exhaustive inventory in-house. Be it photography and video production, security, sound & light equipment, display screens or fabrication, we have dedicated personnel, warehouse, workshop and transport vehicles. We also have a national and international partner network that enables us to execute brand promotion and BTL activities anywhere in India.

Event Planning

Event Planning and Conceptualization by Resources Groups

Creating a Concept and Developing it is our major forte. We at Resources Events & Promotions, Dubai have initiated several briefs received from Clients and Executed them with unique finesse.

Our Process is simple as below:-

  • A detailed brief which covers the basic of every event in terms of the number of people expected by the client and a suitable venue that compliments the objective of the client’s requirement thus conceptualizing the concept but breathing life into it in a form of a 3d Renders and Walk-through of the Venue.
  • Our highly creative team that is capable of sketching ideas on the spot as the brief is thrown their way.
  • We at Resources Events & Promotions, Dubai believe in comforting our clients by providing a Pre-Visualization Walk-Through of the whole event with every minor and major detail highlighted to ensure the client is well aware of the product and is 100% sure of the event layout and the various designs incorporated for the same.
  • Once the client reviews our designs we eagerly wait for feedback about the design and the cost that is estimated for a particular design. Resources Events & Promotions, Dubai is flexible with any amendments required by the client in terms of design and costing for us its always about the quality of the product that matters.
    We always insists on meeting with the client for the sole purpose of understanding the vision of the client which enables us to rise to the client’s expectation which helps us to achieve the right concept and design for a project.

    Above is an example of a Fashion event in Dubai. Say hello

Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing Strategies & Future

Rural markets have acquired significance in India as the overall growth of the economy has resulted in substantial increase in the purchasing power of rural communities. As urban markets are getting saturated and competitive, companies focus themselves in capturing the vast rural market. “Go Rural” is the slogan of marketing gurus after analyzing the socio-economic changes in villages. Rural markets accounts for 54% of FMCG and 60% of durable goods. Rural consumption is getting high as the technology is advancing everywhere and also buying pattern and demand of the rural consumers have changed from basic low-priced product to luxurious ones due to their increased income.

Let us now understand the different promotion strategies involved in rural marketing. These are described as follows:

Product Strategies:

This article describes some of the common product strategies that companies have used to penetrate rural markets. These range from selling small packs, innovative product design, sturdy products and giving names that are more acceptable in rural India.

Designs need to be modified to suit rural habits and lifestyles. Electric gadgets, for example, must sustain irregular voltage and long periods of electric­ity cuts. The Godrej ChotuKool is an example of complete product redesign for rural areas. “Rural consumers show a distinct preference for bright colours,” write Kotler et al. (2009), which is used by products such as Lifebuoy and Tiger biscuits. They give the example of Hindustan Latex Ltd, which found in a survey in Uttar Pradesh that rural households preferred bright colours. It then decided to re-launch its Rakshak condoms in bright yellow and red colours as these were considered the colours of festivity.

Pricing Strategies:

Pricing for rural areas requires innovative approaches. The price points have to be kept in mind while, at the same time, not compromising with the utility and sturdiness of the product. While it is true that rural preference for branded products is increasing, companies must avoid the ten­dency to introduce frills and increase the price. Very often rural consumers prefer basic products at good prices.

Some of the pricing strategies that can be followed are given below:

  • Low-Unit Packs
  • Packaging
  • Value Engineering

Cost Strategies:

Cost is a great deterrent for a rural marketing plan. Marketing managers struggle to control costs in serving rural markets—large distances, small orders, lack of economical transportation, non-availability of warehouses, excessive spoilage and damages. Each of these adds to the cost. It would not be wrong to compare the cost model for rural India to organizing an Indian wedding—budgets can quickly go out of control and unforeseen expenses may arise suddenly. Rural marketing also need long-term interventions and their results are difficult to measure in the short term. Managers used to serving urban markets, find it difficult to anticipate the many costs in reaching villages.

Several strategies are suggested to keep costs under control in rural marketing:

i. Target One District at a Time:

Instead of rolling out an all India rural plan, compa­nies should approach one district at a time. These initiatives require full commitment of the company. Since each district is different, it is important to focus energies on one district before adding more areas.

ii. Avoid Dependence on Third Parties:

A company must build its own dedicated team to tackle rural marketing. A third party can be involved only when the company wants to scale up. In this way, it can create benchmarks for costs and potential benefits.

iii. Do not Extend Urban Strategies:

The common mistake made by many companies is to replicate urban strategies in rural areas. This does not work. Rural areas require their own pitch, advertising and distribution. These must be worked out for each spe­cific area. That is why, it is important to treat each area as distinct.

iv. Find Data for Each Village:

A lot of factors will have to be considered to assess market potential. Some of the factors to consider in each village are: penetration of TV and mobiles, number of school-going children, state of the economy and social exclu­sion and connectivity to the highway. Consumer behaviour has also to be looked at closely. For instance, if the objective is to introduce cleaning products in a village, it would be important to see how many people use ash for cleaning dishes and then pro­gress to those using counterfeit bars.

v. Use BTL Techniques:

Instead of looking for advertising media, which is difficult to find in villages, companies must demonstrate products via live skits or kiosks in fairs, haats (weekly markets) and gatherings. For example, Godrej Consumer Products monitors brand awareness levels pre and post the activity to determine whether to scale it up or not. Keeping track of the cost per contact and keeping a targeted payback period helps as well.

vi. Work with Local People:

Companies should work with local people who can be helpful in providing reach and service. For example, after struggling to increase penetra­tion in rural areas for three years, Tata Sky started identify­ing local repairmen with whom they could partner. The local repairman, usually called Sonu, became the local contact for the company.

The repairmen were volunteers and not permanent hires with Tata Sky, so the distribution worked on a variable cost model. The company trains the repairmen but saves on infrastructure cost, because it does not have to set up offices in villages. This is a good way of keeping costs in check.

Distribution Strategies:

Distribution to villages requires new and innovative approaches. Companies have to figure out how to reach villages—through existing wholesalers or establishing dedicated channels.

In doing so, it will have to consider various options as described in the following:

  • Direct Distribution or Appointing Sub-Dealers
  • Depots
  • Seasonal Demand
  • Logistical Challenges

Promotion Strategies:

Communication is important in marketing. Promotion plays a major role in changing behaviour and product adoption among rural consumers. However, it is difficult to find commu­nication channels that are favoured by rural consumers since reach of mass media is limited. Moreover, messages have to be tailor-made for each region.

A number of issues like illiteracy and socio-cultural values pose challenges in developing communication strategies for the rural markets. Experience marketing and BTL techniques are more effective than media in villages but organizing such activities for lakhs of villages is an arduous and costly task.

However, some of the strategies followed by some compa­nies is described below:

  • Wall Paintings
  • BTL Techniques
  •  Indian Models and Actors
  • Using Local Languages
  • Personal Selling

Top Event Ideas To Make Your Event Attendees Happy & Interested

Are you planning an event to market your brand and striving to create your event attendees happy and curious about buying your products and services? Do you want to make a long-lasting impression on your event attendees? If you said yes, then you ought to plan and organize your event carefully by considering its various aspects and with professional guidance, like wedding management company in Delhi, organizations managing corporate events in Mumbai, and similar more. regardless of whether your budget or event is little or big, scroll right down to learn some outstanding ways to make your event attendees happy.

Express Your Care For Attendees

Care For Attendees

Make efforts to understand concerns and queries of your attendees. study their problems and expectations. Create surveys or polls and encourage them to participate in them. Grab the chance to speak and interact with them, and allow them to mention them their expectations. taking note of them is certain to point out them that you simply look after them, and it’ll boost their interest in your brand.

Offer Freebies

Offer Freebies

Nothing can make your event attendees happier than freebies. So, put the proper foot by arranging some attractive freebies, like eBook, short course, small affordable gifts, or webinar, right at the beginning of your event or exhibition. Also, you’ll make arrangements to supply freebies throughout the event to stay your attendees happy and hooked on to your event. Valuable guidance of a reputed event management company in Delhi can prove beneficial for you. Contact us and obtain free expert consultation

Reward Loyalty

Reward Loyalty

Rewarding your loyal followers and event attendees with attractive offers is certain to form them happy and more reliable. Ensure your loyal attendees haven’t any reason to lose the interest in you. Offer them exclusive discounts, outstanding loyalty cards, and attractive early bird offers for your past costumers only.

Select Impactful Speakers

Choose Impactful Speakers

Make sure your event has good speakers who can make an impression on your attendees by delivering all necessary information during a way that the attendees find it interesting to concentrate . Poor speakers can spoil the mood of the guests. So, choose the speakers for your event carefully, brief them with all the required information, and encourage them to deliver the knowledge interestingly and be more engaging. Engaging speech about your services will interest your event attendees to calculate you.

Inspiring Technology

Inculcate Technology

Last, but not the smallest amount , inspiring technological applications in your event to extend the interest of your attendees and keep them happy. Technology improves the event experiences significantly. So, use it within the right manner. as an example , make use of event applications to let your attendees to check-in by beating the waiting queues, offer free Wi-Fi facilities, and supply exclusive entertainment value with technological wonders like VR. of these will boost the interest of your attendees and make them happier and more reliable to calculate you. Assistance of a professionals, like a well known event management company in Bangalore, can prove worthy. So, wait no more, Contact Resources Groups Company in no time to make your event attendees happy and obtain more business from your events.

corporate event planners

Top Essential Creatives To Make Your Corporate Event Stand A Star Attraction

Resources Groups, Organizing an exhibition stand at a popular corporate event to promote your brand in the market is quite rewarding but a challenging task. Several businessmen, marketing executives, and organizations grab this opportunity to exhibit their marketing skills by developing interesting exhibition stands that feature their products, services, and brands in the trade fair. However, promoting your brand in this manner is not always easy as you may think so you need certain creative features to make your event stand a center of attraction in the audience. Assistance and guidance of an event management company in Mumbai or Delhi can help you achieve it easily. So, you must curious to learn which creatives can help make your event stand stunning and effective, aren’t you? Read on to learn all about it.

Build Your Brand Identity

Your exhibition in an event stand tends to feature your brand image in the corporate world, so it is important to build your brand identity to promote and sell your products in the market effectively. Consistent brand identity imparts confidence to the buyers and audiences about your brand and helps you develop stronger customer relationships. Hiring professional assistance like that of an event management company in Pune or Bangalore can help you build strong brand image so that the visitors can easily recognize your stand at the trade fair. Use your logo, effectual graphics, tagline, consistent brand colors, effective structural stand layout, and many other features to grab the attention of the visitors. Demonstrations and product launches are sure to attract more crowd to your exhibition stand.


exhibition stalls

Develop Event Show Strategy

Developing a clear strategy can be effective in making your exhibition efforts a grand success and achieving your goals. For this, make a list of all exhibitions and events that you would be participating in and the floor space that you will get at every event. This will prove helpful in finalizing your exhibition stand set up. Choose to use custom exhibition stand, lightweight portable display, or modular exhibition stands, if you have greater than two exhibition shows to organize every year.

Focus On Graphics Layout

Choose bold graphics that can catch visitors attention instantly. Make use of images that feature your latest services and products. Going for effective graphics will make more number of visitors stop at your exhibition and inquire more about your services and products. Use high quality, stunning images that feature your brand to make a lasting impression on the visitors.

Use Videos And 3D-Animations

3d animation

Using interesting videos and 3D-animations can help you capture attention of plenty of visitors. Display informative slideshows, videos on screens, and fun projections when promoting your brand. Interactive displays too can work wonders. Professional assistance like that of a reputed event management company in Bangalore can help you significantly.

Social Media Strategy

Social media

Including social media in your outstanding exhibition stand can prove highly beneficial for marketing your products and services effectively. Develop a hashtag, mention your guests and use it. Also, host a competition on social media platforms that will make the visitors stop at your stand at the event.

So, get in touch with Resources Groups Events Company to make your upcoming exhibition stand center of attraction at any corporate events or trade fair.