5Event Design Color Palette

5 Rules for an Event Design Color Palette


The event color palette is probably one of the most vital visual stimulants to intensify the live experience. I’ve been to many events where the color palette was responsible for the enhancement of both the overall essence and sense of the event as well as venue institutions, fittings, and general décor. I’ve also seen some strange and disoriented palettes too.

In this article, we will find out that, what are the rules of color and how can you use them to your stylish advantage?

What is The Color Wheel and does it works?

5 Rules for an Event Design Color Palette

The color wheel is based on the basic color theory which can give you creative ideas and enhance your creative choices. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. These 3 pigments can not be created by combining two other colors. Whereas, secondary colorsgreengrandiloquent, and orange are formed by mixing primary colors. And tertiary colors are created by mixing primary colors with secondary colors.

Let’s get a bit familiar with the color jargon and understand what a “hue” is?

Hue mainly and basically means “a particular shade of color“. A color can be tinted or lightened by adding white to it or we can further  ‘tone’ it down by adding both black and white to it or shade the color by simply adding black. When we tint, tone or shade we basically create a color family. Where primary is head.


Now we know from where the various colors come, Now let’s look at some of the ways that how colors will work when you will put them side to side in your events decor.

What is Colors and Emotion Relation?

5 Rules for an Event Design Color Palette

Colors can create and influence emotional responses in people. The image given below shows how people respond to different colors. While Decoring an event the relation between color and emotion must be considered.

Consider Starting With The Venue

When you are still in the process to design your color palette you need to know that people perceive colors in the context in which they see them.

Keep note that the same color impact and look differently in the context of other colors. The graphic below illustrates how the same color is affected in different ways by the other color surrounding it.

You have to decide what suits the venue background, as well as the design palette you suppose, is going to produce a wow event. This can be done by looking at ways in which you see your palette, based on color combining rules, that includes the question – do I want a contrasting or complementary color palette?

What are the 5 Rules for an Event Design Color Palette?

Rule 1: Analogous Color Palettes

Analogous Color Palettes


An analogous color scheme involves the positioning of the 3 colors side by side on the color wheel. This scheme type of three colors is responsible for creating a  (visually pleasing and calming display) soft and less contrasting palette. This can be complemented by adding up two supplementary colors, which are found next to the two outside colors in the wheel for a five-color palette.

Ensure that the palette complements the venue whilst, offering softer complementary colors in the décor by adding one of the main colors of the venue. For example, in a white venue, you may want to use red, red-violet, and turquoise as well as tints of white to create a joined-up palette.

Rule 2: Monochromatic Color Palette

Monochromatic Color Palette


In a monochromatic palette, a particular single color “tint” is responsible and is the basis for all hues, and shades found within the image. This color scheme is comprised of variations of one color, this type of palette ensures a clean look.

For example, suppose it’s a night event and you decided to drape the venue in star cloth. Here monochromatic palette will play a role to compliment the backdrop by adding shades and tints of a contrasting color to create a clean look.

This palette creates the emotions of passion and energy.

Rule 3: Triadic Color Palette

Triadic Color Palette

The triadic color scheme includes a high-contrast color palette but retains the same tone. It is basically comprised of three colors which are evenly spaced on the color wheel.

But note that this color palette scheme has overpowering nature, depending upon the color volume you use.

For example, say you have a wood-paneled room and you want to use this particular scheme, ensure not to use a color palette for items that are very large because that can overpower the color base of the walls.

Rule 4: Complementary Color Palette

Complementary Color Palette

A complementary color palette involves using opposite colors of the color wheel. It is responsible for providing the greatest amount of color contrast, consider using one of them as the dominant color. It’s bold in nature and can look oppressive sometimes. However, to tone down the look you can also assimilate tints of the same colors.

For example, tints and shades from the same color can be used in larger amounts, with table cloths in a dining or a stage can be prepared that are designed with tints from a similar color family.

Rule 5: Split Complementary Color Palette

Split Complementary Color Palette


The split complementary color palette includes one base color which is dominant and two secondary colors. These two colors are placed in a symmetrical manner around it on the color wheel are used.

However, maintaining the balance of this color palette can be tough as the contracts perhaps be overbearing. Secondary colors are used here for accents and highlights whereas the base color is used as the main.

In terms of emotions, this color palette is onerous to understand and read because of its nature and characteristics.

In Conclusion

Constructing and creating color palettes seem easy when you are looking at the rules. However, the creation of a palette that adds beautifully itself to the venue and creates that astonishingness effect through the different tints, tones, and hues that you use for the furnishings, drapes, props, and other decorative elements needs careful deliberation.

Always carefully consider and think about the emotional cues and triggers that are related to the palette you are working on and designing. You should definitely think about using a mood board for trying out the palette, it is always a good idea to do so. Make certain that the color palette of your venue gets integrated with your decor palette.


Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

Perfect Wedding Colors

One of the few good things about having a summer wedding is having the advantage of choosing from a plethora of color pallets for your wedding. Here are all the options that we at Resources Groups events offering top wedding decor (Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season) have shortlisted for you to have the wedding of your dreams.

– Ivory
Being the basic color, ivory stills stand out and help to get hold of the attendee’s attention. As it is a very subtle color it goes perfectly well for the summer wedding theme. Also, being natural and neutral helps it become a well-suited option to be paired up with different colors like:

– Green
Adding green with ivory adds an element of nature and can be easily done by actually blending in real greens (plants) in the décor of your wedding.

– Gold
Gold gives a luxurious feel to anything. So, adding a hint of gold to your décor can help you make it LOOK like a million bucks without actually digging a hole in your pocket.

– Navy
Now, using blues can be very calming and colorful at the same time. If you want to add a hint of elegance to our summer wedding, our take is that you opt for navy décor for your wedding. This color will not only help you add a hue but also add an element of royalty to the ambiance.

– Pastels
Soft pastels like powder blue, lavender or tones of oranges and pink blended with slight lemons and greens can be a great option for your wedding palate. It will give all the freshness to your decor.

– Floral
Florals are what summer weddings are all about. There is no need to lay emphasis on how beautiful floral decorations are. To make your decor look fresh as a daisy, its best to use one, and there you go!
Summer is all about great colors and a palate full of freshness, and we at Resources Groups events the best wedding planner in Chandigarh always help you curate the best events.

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