Vintage Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Weddings are a memorable and enchanting experience for everyone. The Vintage outdoor weddings’ view and landscapes may leave a person awestruck but it comes with a catch. Follow these tips by top wedding planners in Chandigarh for a comfortable and hassle free outdoor wedding.


The foremost factor that effects your decision of an vintage outdoor wedding is the weather at the time of your marriage. Along with weather, the time of the day for your wedding ceremony also plays a very pivotal role. The type of wedding venue, whether it is going to be a beach or a city park depends entirely on weather and time.

Decoration and Theme
For an outdoor wedding during the day time, subtle and pastel color decoration is going to compliment the atmosphere. On the other hand, if it is during the night, the venue might require bright colors and more lighting.

Attire and Footwear of the Bride and Groom
If the wedding is scheduled in a hot and humid climate, the couple should opt for lighter shades and fabric to keep them cool and comfortable. A bride should avoid wearing heels if it is going to a beach or city park venue.

Useful Equipment’s
The equipment required for an outdoor wedding is more than it is required in case of indoor weddings. Vintage outdoor weddings require generator, more sound and lighting as compared to indoor weddings.

Back Up for Outdoor Marriage
You need to arrange for a backup plan in case the weather changes. The weather might change to rainy or wind within a blink of an eye. To avoid last minute hustle, book an indoor venue nearby, so that you can shift it at the last moment too.

These tips can come handy to you while you are planning an outdoor fairytale wedding We providing the top wedding decor, make sure that you keep it pocket friendly and in budget. You surely won’t love spending a fortune for an outdoor wedding and let rain or wind spoil all the fun.

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