How To Find Top Event Management Companies in Chandigarh

Finding the top event management companies in Chandigarh is not an easy task. Nowadays Event Management Industry in India is changing and evolving expeditiously. It has become one of the most potent tools of modern-day marketing. The emergence of new concepts and technologies is the particular reason for the development of the industry. While choosing the best event management company for your event you must be sure what event you are hosting. As every event company has its own respective niche in which they excel. Even a business with years of experience organising corporate events won’t be able to execute a social event flawlessly simply because they don’t hold expertise in that niche.

Why You Need To Hire An Event Management Company

It might be challenging to decide how to plan your event effectively, including picking the venue, the decor, and the production schedule. Getting hold of every single thing can frustrate the host. If things aren’t organised, you could end up spending more than you intended to. Here is when an event management company comes into action. A skilled event planner is an invaluable asset to both corporate and social events because they are aware of what to anticipate. Hiring an event professional will surely save you time, and energy, and ensure that you adhere to your budget.

event management in Chandigarh

Reasons to Hire an Event Management Company in Chandigarh are as follows:-

Event Management Company Helps You Save Money & Time- Many people feel that hiring an event planner is expensive but the truth is an event planner is a pro at staging a stunning event within the constraints of a tight budget. Their expertise allows them to know where to allocate the right amount of money to create the impact you’re looking for. This will save you time and the hassles of figuring out what to do and when to do it.

Event Planners Have Great Contacts- A professional event management company has great contacts with vendors, contractors, and other event planners which means you are not only hiring event professionals but other specialists as well. With amazing local connections and in-house capabilities event company ensures the ultimate success of your event.

Event Planners Adhere To Corporate Objectives- A successful business event requires careful planning and execution. It usually takes many months and includes a number of phases and organisational elements. Even the slightest mistake in corporate event planning can lead to a blunder and seriously hurt the host’s reputation. An event management company is a well-organised organisation with exceptional expertise in managing corporate events.

Event Management Company Will Make Your Vision A Reality-  A professional event management company can really help you ace your event vision they prepare a well-organised road map and make sure of every bit of perfection that is possible. They can craft your vision and creativity with such a magnificence that you can never achieve by yourself. The art of event management is not only limited to staging a perfect event but also consolidating it in a given budget.

Event Planners Are Aware Of Legal Requirements- The most difficult challenge in event planning is being aware of any municipal or city regulations that must be obeyed. A team of professional event planners will always make sure to conduct an event that follows every local norm of the area. Even some venues also have rules and regulations like- stage height, sound range, etc. Event management companies curate the best while at the same time abiding by these norms.

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Qualities of a Good event management company:-

Pay close attention to the details.
Interpersonal abilities.
Innovative and creative.
At ease with technology.


Finding The Best Event Management Company in Chandigarh

Event management companies are evolving at such an immense pace. These days, the majority of event companies host several events on their own. However, as we already mentioned, each organisation has a niche in which they shine. Although there are numerous things to consider before investing your money in a professional event management company but, the First and foremost step is the awareness of what exactly your requirements are.

event management in Chandigarh


Know what you need ( your event objective should be clear)

Hiring a corporate event management company for a social event will be irrelevant. Knowing what exactly your requirements are will definitely save you time and money. You can begin by making a checklist like what kind of stage you want, led wall, promoters, music band, etc. Things must be kept brief in order to avoid confusion. After instructing your requirements you must not indulge too much and let event managers do what they are doing.

While finalizing the cost do not hesitate to ask for a discount. It never hurt to save extra bucks.

Research for the potential event management companies

Look for event management companies that are specialized in managing the similar niche of event you want to conduct. As told previously in the article hiring a corporate event management company for a social event will make no sense. Even if they say that they can conduct it you shouldn’t opt for that company.

Check the Client base

Clientele is the mirror of any services-based organisation. If an event company has a good and loyal clientele then you can surely trust it with your event. You can’t get a devoted customer just by buttering them up. The number of events you made successful for them is the reason behind the loyal client.


As they say, experience counts. Check to see how long the company has been in business. Good experience means not only good competence but also a good vendor network. They not only save time but money as well. Avoiding mismanagement and last-time hassles the experienced event management company assures client’s satisfaction.

Check the Testimonials/Reviews

Always check the testimonial of the company you are hiring for your event. Google my business listing and other local directories show how well the company is performing as per their customers. The client may or may not leave a positive review even after the successful event. However, if they find even the slightest flaw, they will undoubtedly leave a negative review. These local listings are highly influenced by the clients review and also determine the position of the event management company in the web search.

But there is a catch, sometimes the reviews posted are fake. If a company has more than 100 reviews but no visual evidence to support that then it is obvious that the reviews the not authentic. You need to carefully examine if there is any repetition in testimonials, the location where the event management company is based, photos, and the other visual files that they have posted.

Check Website, Social Media Platforms, and Portfolio

One of the best things that you can do while searching for the best event management companies in Chandigarh is carefully examining their website and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) A professional event management company will regularly post updates on its website and social media.

Check the blog section and gallery of their website, if it is well-maintained or not. Survey their Facebook and Instagram handles. Go through their portfolio. These aspects may look small but believe it they will provide you with an idea of how they actually work. Always remember a professional event management company never hides its work.

Ask for references (talk to their past clients)

Reference from the past client can be really helpful, you will get exclusive insight into the company. Sometimes companies provide you with the reference of selective clients, here you have to be smart and ask them about the companies with which they have worked, check those companies, how their business is, and what event they have hosted. Finally, give them a call and politely ask the query you have.

Compare the cost

After shortlisting the event best event management companies in Chandigarh for your event compare their cost. Make sure you compare apples to apples and look at the value they bring to the table, not just the cost.

Always remember a well-experienced event management company can save you a lot of money.

Make a decision

Last but not the least, most important of all, make a decision. Select the event management company that best suits your niche, and take note of all the factors explained above (experience, testimonials, website, local reviews, cost, etc.)

Your event will showcase the strength of your brand, serve as a reflection of your company to clients, and further future reputation will also be judged by its success.

Remember, your clients don’t care about which event management company you have hired. It’s all about conducting it successfully.

Well, now you understand the importance of finding the top event management company in Chandigarh for your event and how to find it. However, the story doesn’t end here. We’ve discussed what to consider while hiring an event management company, let’s now go over things that we should avoid.

Avoid These Mistakes While Hiring an Event Management Company

event management companies in Chandigarh

Lack of sufficient research

Research is one of the most important and foremost aspects of hiring an event management company. Believe this your negligence to it can fail your whole event and it’ll be over for you even before a start. The amount of time and thought you put in while finding the right event management company can make or break the event.

So as mentioned earlier in the article thoroughly check the website, reviews, references, local listings, and social media handles to be certain that you are investing in the right company.

Not considering experience

Sometimes while hiring an event management company just to save a little money people tend to ignore the experienced event company and end up spending more than their budget. An experienced event company always wraps up things within the budget of the client and always gives a genuine and realistic approach to what they are expecting is even possible or not.

Neglecting communication skills

Communication is essential in event management. Always look for an event company with great communication skills to make sure that they successfully engage with all event stakeholders, including vendors, attendees, and sponsors.

Ignoring budget limitations

Regardless of how appealing an event management company’s offer or package may seem, it is important to stick to your budget limitations. Stretching your budget to accommodate the company’s demands may result in additional charges for the same services that could have been provided at a lower cost.

Ignoring Contracts

Contracts play a vital role in safeguarding your interests. In case of any issues during the event, they can act as protection. However, it is not uncommon for individuals, especially inexperienced ones, to carelessly sign agreements without thoroughly examining the terms and conditions of the business. To avoid this mistake, it is recommended to seek the advice of a legal professional before signing any documents.


Follow the above-given instruction and you are surely gonna ace it in front of your client. The step can be intimidating and tedious as well but believe it following it will not only ensures the optimal success of your event but also gonna save you a lot of money not to forget it will provide your brand or product with a huge much-needed initial boost.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q= What will be an ideal budget for a corporate event?

Ans= The budget of an event depends upon multiple factors including- venue, attendance, food & beverages, travel & accommodation, staff, vendors, marketing, etc. But to give a general idea it can be as less as 1 lakh and as high as 1 crore.

Q= How do we find out top event management company in Chandigarh or any other location?

Ans= Simply by following the above-given steps.

Q= How to find out the area of expertise of an event management company?

Ans= Usually they will let you know. But if you want a deep insight, check their portfolio, website, social media handles, and local listing carefully.

Q= What if an event company tends to charge me more after the completion of the event?

Ans= A small function in the budget is not a big deal. However, t is advised that before commencing any business you must lay down a contract. As explained in the article also contract form can actually help you from getting exploited. Moreover, if it is really getting serious let your lawyer handle it.

Q= Do you offer last-minute service?

Ans= yes, we do but it generally costs a bit more than a regular event.

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