BTL Promotion

Our BTL (Below-the-line promotion) activities have adopted a wide platform of multi-channel services by making use of traditional advertising. We are trying to surprise the consumers, by exploring the new least touched areas. We also design personal websites and use effective marketing tools for promotional activities. Our wide domains are extended to:

  • Mall Promotions Services
  • Society BTL Promotion Services
  • Road Shows BTL Promotion Services
  • Online promotions and Branding

Our agency offers Field Marketing and Digital Media Services ensuring good ROI by planning marketing campaigns. We ensure increased sales and brand awareness. We are successful in delivering quality services to clients.

Today, the company offers highly-sophisticated marketing and promotional events, uniquely designed systems and services to fulfill the escalating need for efficient, reliable and cost-effective real-time data. Our real-time solutions and event management capabilities have let us grow our network in India and abroad.

The Company operates within the marketplace, At Resources, we bring a fresh eye to the bespoken event management market, constantly seeking on-trend and innovative items. Our offer outstanding functional and decorative trim with quality materials and fine workmanship. Both customer service and reasonable cost are the utmost importance to us.

Delighting Customers And Turning Them Into Promoters!